A MODERN DOG HOTEL /Dog day care , Kristianstad, southern Sweden for all dog owners, guests and tourists with dogs,for anyone who wants to travel abroad without his dog ,attractive prices, discounts


Why  exactly Annie's dog hotel/Dog day care  ?


Wellcome in Annie's dog hotel / day care, Kristianstad/ Ö.Blekingevägen 45, open year-round for all dog residents, guests and tourists of Skåne, southern Sweden!

Our hotel and day care  for dogs meets all your requirements!

We are open every day!


 Here is not only an ideal environment and good hygiene for your dog  that meets all requirements, but also experience and genuine concern.

Dog Hotel / kindergarten is approved by the County Board and the follow Agriculture's statutes and regulations. The boxes are built to current regulations. Inside boxes are generously sized so that each dog gets its own little room. We have monitoring system for monitoring the dogs.


The hotel building is modern built, the premises are airy and bright. The indoor environment is bright and stable dog has several departments to provide peace of mind for the dogs that are here. A safe, homey environment with high standards is an important base but a high level of job satisfaction has also become our signature, is to give each guest dog care and closeness - it creates security.

A warm welcome!




founder and owner of Annie's  hotel and day care for dogs




We are open every day except :20maj & 1-31 July ,23-31 December





 Hotel guests:


Drop-off / pick-up takes place 9-9.30 in the morning and 16-17 in the afternoon  (except Saturday or Sunday morning)


Other times - by appointment!


Please respect our opening hours so that our guests can enjoy peace and quiet.


liability insurance is

  www.evidensia.se engaged if a dog gets sick 044-247797


A warm welcome!






                                                                              MEET THE OWNER


I am educated and certified Manager for dog care - Diploma Hunddagis superintendent and superintendent in Hundpensionats , as follow subjects -


1. Dog's behavior


2.Ethology (practical and theoretical)


3. Problem dogs and   problem dog owners


4. Stress in dogs


5. Dissemination of infections


6. Animal Welfare Legislation


7 Breed tuition


8 Sanitation of the dogs


I have had dogs all my life and I have many years experience with dogs of various breeds. My goal is to take care of the dogs in a natural home environment, as well as day care and as a dog hotel, looking at each dog as an individual with their own needs, the dogs will get daily walks and activation, but also enable them to find peace and rest, to be accessible so that people with atypical hours to be able to get access to the business.


                                                             PRICE LIST





Payment cash in advance upon leaving the dog ,for dog nr 2-

50% discount

      for the III – 20 % discount   






Time for leaving  and pickup!


 7:00-8:30 weekdays and 16-17

Weekend: at 9:00 am and 16-17


At month subscription -        full-time  - 2700 SEK

                                     -10 days - 2000   SEK


In all other cases


1 day / 1 dog / - 300  SEK per day


Weekends/ Friday-Monday/  400 SEK  per day

Great weekends - 500 SEK per day

All  daycare dogs go home 18:00. Every other time costs 1 days price more





In and check-out the morning or evening

1 week guesthouses - 3000 SEK/ 6 nights/


In all other cases



1 dog in a box:  600 SEK/ night



Weekends/ from Friday- till Sunday/- 700 SEK/night



Major holidays &Red days - 800 SEK/ night




Remember that during the high season cancellation must be made at least 10 days before check in

- Dog with special needs - 150: - extra / day, night

- Female dog in heat - charged 200: - / effective date


The hotel is entitled to request a booking fee / 10% of the final price of the stay / for your booking to be binding.

 This amount is charged to the final bill.

If you cancel your reservation without taking into account the cancellation deadline / 10 days prior to your stay /,

 the hotel reserves the right to maintain the booking fee / prepayment.






        DOGs CARE



BATH & blow-dry (short-haired dog) - 280 SEK

BATH & blow dry (long-haired dog) - 380 SEK


BRUSH (short-haired dog) - 80  SEK

BRUSH (longhaired dog) - 150 SEK





Individual packet



Homemade breakfast (chicken, vegetables, dog cake,rozen yogurt flavored with real fruit -banana, strawberry,peanut

Individual exercises outdoors-A game of catch - Frisbee or Ball ,

Canine massage, brushing hair, brushing teeth, cleaning ears, home made dinner


Price: 400 SEK daily  / 350kr without food /



Membership card


WE offer membership card - 2300 SEK  monthly  which entitles you to the following:

 -One FREE night -You will get one free night after every 10 days lodging

 -Guaranteed  Reservation Scheduling-Even during our busy season and holiday time frames, as long as you provide us with 48-hour notice.

-Members Only Sunday Hours

Will be able to pick up or drop off outside of normal business hours on Sundays. As long as you pick up before 3pm, on Sunday, you will receive no charge for that day. We will ask you to provide exact times so we can properly plan for your arrival/departure.

 -No Deposits, No Penalties-We will not require a deposit to hold your reservation, nor will you be charged a cancellation fee if you need to cancel your reservation on short notice.

-Special Members Only Promotions-Throughout the month you will receive promotions for use  only available to owners with Membership card.


The above prices are incl. VAT

Liability is   www.evidensia.se engaged if a dog gets sick 044-247797



                                                            ACTIVITIES + RULES 


PROCEDURES AND MOTION for harmonious existence


We have good structure in our routines with exercise, rest and meals. Everything for your particular dog should feel extra good and feel at home with us. The walks take place in the immediate area. All dogs are welcome, regardless of race, gender or size. Dogs must be rested before they come to us, because we may not be able to go out with the dog exactly when the dogs will be staying at the kindergarten/hotel/ in small groups so harmonious and safe environment possible .Some people have a weird picture of it would be so terrible to leave the dog hotel but it is often useful exercise for the dog. They get to meet other dogs and live in packs, such as they are made for. And of course you need not be dependent on others and enjoying friends and family when traveling away.

  Walking and activation occurs twice or more daily- about 2-3  hours in the nearby areas. There is also access to open play in. Annies hotel / daycare  for dogs has 2 larger run areas where your dog may run  many times a day! There each individual can sniff around in peace and quiet. They get two solid playtimes per day, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. Your dog goes alone or with friends, depending on what you and the dog wants and likes. Can the dog be walked with other dogs, we try to find suitable mates. Dogs who for various reasons can not stand in the yard walk in different way  and all dogs  are activated in one way or another. If the dog  has  some special needs beyond this, such as, for example, medications or other health requirements we take care of this too.

An important moment of the day is also the siesta which occurs daily at 12-14. The hotel's guests go to sleep at 20:00. Lunch and dinner are given for the dogs to eat. Pet owners bring food to their dog or they choose the individuall package. That is  different  for every dog and we want to avoid that they become bad in the stomach.





Bring your own collar and leash


* Bring your own food if the dog should be fed


* The dog must be healthy and free of mites, lice and similar


* The dog should be regularly dewormed


* The dog must be vaccinated


* The dog should be in life and veterinary insured

Once you have got a seat with us, you have to take into account that your dog needs a training period of 1-2 weeks before the dog stays longer on the daycare / hotel. The training period is for the dog in peace to get acquainted with his new environment, and the staff. The training period is a test and it is free.


* Puppies younger than four months are unfortunately not accepted

 If a she-dog runs and staying at the dog day care so you will be charged 200: - / effective date. If you do not wish to pay the tax you are free to take your she-dog at home till rennet is over.

 - We are able to accept dog with special needs. / 150: - extra / day,hotel / It's a dog that does not thrives in the company of other dogs and thus can not be kept together with other dogs or go joint walks with other dogs , a dog showing various behavior problems, pees and poops inside, pulling on the leash or have strong separation anxiety, need special care for a period or other reasons require more attention and efforts from the staff than the other dogs.

- We  have the right to terminate your place with immediate effect if: your dog exhibits aggressive behavior toward staff or other dogs of his stay with us,if your dog bites personnel  or your dog biting another dog during his stay with us . There will be no refunds.A days / hotel fee is not reduced / replaced / due to absence / illness of mat / husse / dog, for daydogs.

Days from one month are not replaced by days from another month, etc.

Once you have received a place with us, you must take into account that your dog needs a training period of 1-2 weeks before the dog can stay for longer days at the daycare/hotel. The training period is for the dog to get to know its new environment and the staff in peace and quiet. The enrollment period is a trial and it is free.



We are very careful not to receive infected animals. Infection may occur even though the animals are vaccinated. Unfortunately, dogs with smallest symptoms such as harking or vomiting can not be checked. However, it is difficult even for your pet owner to know if the dog is wearing an infectious disease, please call and ask us if you are in doubt. Should the cough break out, despite our meticulous cleaning, you should be aware that it is very contagious but usually not dangerous. Compared to a common cold in humans and it usually passes after about 1-2 weeks. Of course, the risk of infection increases when leaving the animals at a hotel, so in order to avoid infections we do not accept dogs carrying any contagious disease, eg magic flu, kennel cough or osteoarthritis. After each guest checked out, the guest room is cleaned with disinfectants.


A warm welcome!









    Blekingevägen 145


TEL  0762017558  

















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